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Image by Jen Theodore


I've been around the ‘esoteric’ realm since I was a little girl. My great aunt did readings with cards and crystals. When I was about 15, I started reading cards and energies for friends and family. Now I am blessed share my gift with the world.

I picked up my first deck when I was 15yrs old and was drawn to Tarot ever since. A few aunts taught me the meanings of the cards, but I felt like I could see more. I mainly did personal readings for friends and myself. I have also had my cards and my aura read by other healers as well. I have been guided to do what I love and am grateful to share my gift with others.

I have perfected my craft by taking courses, seminars, and most importantly, PRACTICE.   I am guided to help others on their healing journey throughout my life. I have also gone through my own healing process throughout my life both in childhood and as an adult. Anything I talk about on the channel I speak from personal experience as these are techniques and tools, I have used myself as well as other close friends and relatives.

Image by Anne Nygård

I have learned through experience, education, and practice the style of readings I create. As well as my tarot spreads, cleanse kits, videos. I create with the utmost positive healing vibes. I hope my videos will help you take those steps on this healing journey. I have many things in store as well as do local events so come join me there too. Let’s meet in person. Next event will be posted soon.


Thank you again for all your love and support and I look forward to reading for you agaon soon.


I plan to incorporate a healing vibe with self-healing methods and practices. I will include downloadable documents and informative blog posts as well as my videos.


Thank you all again for watching, liking, subscribing, and sharing. All the love and support is very much appreciated.




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